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   "Great product, have used other systems costing a more that just don't compare" 

"Thanks for all your help...its a great piece of software at the fraction of the price"


Welcome to the website of
FieldIT Limited

The business FieldIT was established in 2006, with FieldIT Limited being formed in 2011.

CRM - Customer / Supplier Database

Our in house developed Customer Relationship Management software/Database  is deployed throughout the world and is helping businesses manage their customer data in an effective and efficient manor. Our software is developed on Microsoft SQL server platform in VB.NET so is scalable and compatible with Microsoft Office.

  • The price of our software starts at £37.95 and at this price is an excellent choice for small to medium sized businesses with 1-30+ employees.

We recommend you try before you buy therefore please download a trial version from this website click here.

Compatible with Microsoft Office - Store Emails, Word Documents, Power Point Presentations, Excel documents, PDFs and any other files on your customer records.

Why use our CRM?

  • Unlimited contacts, unlimited attachments, unlimited groups, unlimited custom fields, there are no limits within the application.
  • Free upgrades and support for 1 year. Guides and Documentation on the web via http://www.fieldit-limited.com
  • Professionally written system (Microsoft SQL Server and VB .NET) that does not require additional cost to be able to run i.e. you do not have to purchase other software to be able to use. You can simply use Microsoft SQL Server Express (Free) which is suitable for most small to medium sized companies.
  • Allows you to customize the system to your own requirements. Add custom tick boxes/text fields to the contact record and the job records.
  • Store emails, documents (quotations, invoices and much more) set against individual record allowing management of information all in one place.
  • Integrates with Microsoft office for easy drag and drop of emails to the contact record.
  • Extremely fast searchable fields allowing the user to manipulate all records for reports/exporting and emailing
  • Allows all records to be exported in to EXCEL/CSV format ensuring safe storage of data.
  • EXCEL exports can be manipulated in bulk and re-imported for data cleansing/quality purposes.
  • Job tracking and searching functionality.
  • Assign Jobs to particular users and view as a to-do list style display task list.
  • Track appointments in a shared calendar. Re-occurring appointments catering for weekend/weekday offset.
  • System comes with technical support and the ability to add additional users if required unlike a lot of other systems.
  • System can be access and updated in offline mode, ideal for when you are out of the office.
  • Even though the price is low this product is scalable as it uses Microsoft SQL Server (2005 and 2008) and can complete with products ten times its price due to its unique architecture.

Benefits for Managers

  • View activity report, split by user, to ensure users are populating your CRM
  • Audit when user are accessing your CRM records and why.
  • View summary of total activity on the system.

Benefits for the IT Technician

  • Run on a shared Microsoft SQL server for added performance
  • Import data in bulk from existing systems using the importer.
  • Microsoft Active directory integration
  • XML interface to plug into your internet website or equivalent systems

System is sold in units of 1 Licence for "1 name user",  Unlimited Companies/Contacts, Version 3 (v3)". Once you have purchased the software for the correct amount of CALs you will become a registered FieldIT Manager Database product owner and you will be able to activate your software via internet (can be activated in 24 hours of purchase).

For example:

  1. If you are going to run the system with 4 people accessing the data you will need 4 licences.
  2. If you are a single trader and only run the system on one pc/laptop you will only need 1 licence.

You may wish to opt for ongoing support past the first year which will entitle you to free upgrades to any new versions released. Support costs around 30% of the purchase price per year and is optional.

By purchasing FieldIT software you agree to the End-User Licence Agreement and Copyright contained within the application. 



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