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This section shows you how to make a new group, also combine existing groups and update each member of the group(conversation)

Creating a new Group

Groups can be very useful for grouping contacting together. A contact can be a member of many groups. An example of a useful group would be;
  • Department, you can group your contacts/projects up an assign them to Sales, Marketing, IT etc
  • Mailshot, you could group your contacts up in groups for mailshot purposes
There are not limits to the amount of groups you can create it is very flexible.

To add a new group you need to open the Group Manager Window. In the main summary screen press the Manage Groups button.

Now click on the "Add a new Group" tab. Enter a group name, and press the "Add new Group" button

Your group has been created.

Assigning a contact to a group - Method 1

You can assign a contact to a group in the group manager window. Click on the Manager Existing Group and select the group you want to add a new member to. Once you have selected the correct group select the contact from the "Available" list either:-

  • Select a contact to move and then then press the ">". 
  • Select and move multiple contacts by holding the "Ctrl" or "Shift" then press the ">". 
  • The ">>" button will move all contact into the group.

I have created another group and added a different contact for the next section.

Merge multiple Groups into a new Group

You may find you end up with lots of groups, it is easy to combine two groups and create a new group.  To create a new group with the members of two or more existing groups please do the following:

  1. Enter the new Group name, here I have called it "Email and Post Newsletter" as it will be to combination of my "Email" and "Post" newsletter groups.
  2. Tick the box that says "Merge the following selected groups into this new group"
  3. If you wish to delete/remove the existing groups once the new group has been created tick the "Remove/Delete selected groups after merge"
  4. Move the required groups from the Available list into the selected list using the ">" button.
  5. Now press the "Add New Group" button to finish the process

As you can see below the new Group has been created with the members from the two other groups.

Update all members of a group (Add to Conversation)

Click on the "Manage Existing Group" Tab and select the group you wish to update.
Scroll down to "Group update" and type a message.
The message will then be added to the conversation entry of every contact in the group (e.g. green circle)

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